Here are some answers to the questions we are most frequently asked. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want more information! We will be happy to advise and guide you through our different exterior painting services.


Blanchette specializes in painting exterior sidings (brick, aluminum, stucco, aggregate, acrylic, fiber cement, engineered wood, and wood), doors and frames (vinyl, PVC and wood), gutters (including aluminum soffits and fascias), and roofs (metal and asphalt shingles).

Blanchette is a franchise concept exclusively specialized in residential exterior painting with a spray gun. Our mission is to offer homeowners of single-family homes an exterior painting service that offers results comparable to the replacement of materials for a fraction of the cost. We aim for higher quality standards than traditional painters because our customers do business with us to get a result equivalent to that of new materials.

One of the advantages of Blanchette as a franchise concept is the uniform structure of our work methods. Our employees are well-trained to acquire specific expertise. For example, one team specializes in masking and protecting surfaces, while another team is trained in spray gun application and another in surface preparation. All work is supervised and coordinated by your franchisee, who ensures quality that exceeds your expectations.

You can paint your house yourself, but we have often seen situations where we had to redo the work done by homeowners. Exterior painting is a very technical field, where one mistake can result in unsatisfactory results. The choice of product, proper preparation, and application technique are essential factors. Our customers pay us for our expertise, know-how, and long term result.

When you hire our painting services for your doors and windows, we are committed to providing you with a quality job. To ensure durability and aesthetics of our work, we have put in place an efficient caulk method. This method involves dismantling the old silicone before applying a new layer at the end of the job to seal the paint optimally. Thus, you can be assured that your doors and windows will remain in good condition and offer quality aesthetics for a long time.

We can stain or paint wood, but it often requires additional sanding for satisfactory adhesion and durability. However, paints and stains on wood surfaces are not as durable as on materials such as vinyl or brick. That is why our warranty for wood is not 15 years.

Our teams are trained for the application of stain on wood sidings. Our gun-applied staining and brush-leveled technique allows for uniform and deep application of our wood stains.

To ensure a uniform finish, our painters always apply two coats of paint. Although using a paint gun may allow for the application of only one layer, our customers hire us to get an outstanding result and durability of the surfaces to be painted. That’s why our painters follow a uniform process for each project to minimize the risk of losing quality.

Once the preparation of washing is done, the work usually takes one day. However, in the case of a complete transformation of your home, this deadline may be extended. However, be assured, all our sites are completed in a maximum of a few days.

The masking of surfaces is the most important part of our exterior painting work. Our painters are adequately trained and use the right tools to protect the surfaces. Before applying the paint, the team leader always carefully checks each masking and makes corrections if needed. Furthermore, the paint sprayers we use are specifically designed for exterior work, which greatly reduces the risk of paint particles being diverted from the surfaces to be painted by wind.

As specialists in exterior painting and surface preparation, even if a surface shows signs of peeling, we are able to properly prepare it to get the best result possible. However, as an already painted exterior surface (other than in a factory) presents an increased risk of peeling in the future, we cannot offer as solid a guarantee as the 15-year warranty for only factory-painted materials.

Yes, our exterior painting service is very complete. We can change the color of your roof with our 200% elastomeric coating applied with a gun. The advantage of our roof painting service is not only to avoid changing your roof when it is in good condition and only the color bothers you, but also to increase its lifespan.

We can apply our coatings as soon as the temperature is above 1 degree Celsius. In general, our season starts in early April and ends in late October.

Once our bid is accepted, we agree on the schedules with you. The first visit consists of cleaning the surfaces to be painted. A few days later, our masking and preparation team takes care of protecting, sanding and dismantling the surfaces. Then, our spray specialist takes care of applying the paint before cleaning the site. We end with a final site inspection with you to make sure you are completely satisfied.

Warranties on Our Services

We are aware of the importance of offering good warranties for your exterior painting projects. That’s why our warranties ensure that the painter will follow the painting application standards based on temperature, rain, or sun. Additionally, our surface preparation and application processes are approved by our suppliers. So, with our top-quality products, we can offer warranties up to 15 years against peeling.

The first season change represents a decisive test in terms of the durability of the exterior coating that was applied. Unfortunately, since our services depend on human work, mistakes can sometimes occur. It’s after this first season that possible signs of peeling can appear. Although this only represents a marginal percentage of our achievements, be assured that we will be there to help you.

Due to our approved surface preparation processes and the use of top-quality paints for exterior projects, we are able to offer up to 15 years of warranty against peeling. Each type of surface requires different preparation needs for the paint to have optimal adhesion and longevity.

Respect is a fundamental value of our DNA, and our customers are the reason we exist. As a large exterior painting company, you can count on a partner with a solid financial foundation that will be able to last year after year. Our headquarters is a key player in honoring warranties, as it acts as a mediator in the unlikely event that a customer would need to use it. So, you can count on our entire team, not just one contractor, to serve you during after-sales service.

Although we can paint your sliding windows, it’s important to note that the paint can wear prematurely and peel due to the friction of the rails. That’s why we cannot guarantee work performed on these types of frames and doors.

At Blanchette, we are determined to offer exceptional customer service. After the work is completed, we take the time to do a final inspection with you to make sure you are fully satisfied with our services. If touch-ups are necessary, we make an appointment with you to correct the problems. If you have any questions or problems with the paint after the work, we are always available to help you.


We offer a wide selection of colors to choose from, with several hundred options available. However, we often recommend the factory color palettes from Gentek, for example, as these colors are more neutral and harmonize well with other materials and caulk.

All the coatings we use are top quality and 100% acrylic. Depending on the type of surface to be painted, we choose the most appropriate product to ensure the durability of the paint. For example, the paint used for cladding is more elastic than the one for doors and windows. We use additives to enhance the durability of the paint, such as in the case of a stucco siding where an additive allows the paint to leave a thicker film on the wall to fill cracks and other imperfections. For doors, frames, and gutters, where the risk of hooking is higher, we use a product with a harder finish and more resistant to scratches.

The type of paint finish we use depends on the type of surface to be painted. We aim to reproduce as much as possible the appearance of new material. For exterior walls, we use a finish that falls between matte and satin, for a washable finish and better hiding of the siding’s imperfections. For doors, frames, and gutters, where the risk of hooking is higher, we use a finish that falls between satin and semi-gloss.


We will come to your residence to prepare a precise estimate by evaluating all the work to be done. This step is crucial as it helps avoid any surprises and answers all your questions. We will take the time to get to know you and explain the process of painting. Then, we will provide you with a detailed quote.

We are specialists in exterior painting and our surface preparation processes and the quality of our service are among the best on the market. We offer excellent value for money compared to conventional painting companies or material replacement. In addition, our franchise network allows us to benefit from lower-cost equipment and products, and we do not have to pay an additional amount to the Quebec Construction Commission since we specialize only in the residential field. As a result, we are able to offer you competitive and quality services.

We evaluate the cost of our services based on the surface in square feet, but also by taking into account potential difficulties such as the number of windows to be protected, height, accessibility, etc. Each house has a different price, but calculated according to the same criteria. Usually, to get an idea of the cost of our services for your exterior cladding, you can expect to pay between 20 and 30% of the cost of its replacement.

The Blanchette concept is based on strict techniques for surface preparation, product application, and management for our franchisees. We position ourselves as a high-end exterior painting service provider, where the risk of error is reduced and the quality is constant. Our customers can count on our professionalism and our willingness to offer them remarkable customer service. Unlike some companies in our sector that appear each year and close the following year, we have been around for over 7 years and we will be there to honor our performance guarantees. Due to our national accounts with our suppliers, where our equipment and paint cost us less than the majority of companies, and our operating expenses shared between each Blanchette location, we are able to offer a very competitive service and, in our opinion, the best quality on the home exterior painting market.