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Can gutters and soffits be painted?

Yes, just like any other metal surface on your home, your gutters can be painted. We use 100% acrylic industrial coatings that are applied directly to them.

Our paint gun application method allows us to avoid brush marks that may occur with manual application, giving a uniform and streak-free finish on your gutters and soffits.

Works guaranteed for 15 years against peeling

Our preparation and application procedures are approved by our suppliers. Our expertise and continually optimized techniques allow us to confidently offer the strongest guarantees to our customers.

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Why Choose Blanchette's Gutters, Soffits and Fascias Painting Services?

Our team is equipped with the necessary tools and products to meet the high demands of our residential customers:

Thorough surface preparation for better paint adhesion

Protection of all surfaces that could get stained

Teams of painters specialized in exterior work

Cost savings compared to replacement



We are aware of the importance of offering good warranties for your exterior painting projects. That’s why our warranties ensure that the painter will follow the painting application standards based on temperature, rain, or sun. Additionally, our surface preparation and application processes are approved by our suppliers. So, with our top-quality products, we can offer warranties up to 15 years against peeling.

Once the preparation of washing is done, the work usually takes one day. However, in the case of a complete transformation of your home, this deadline may be extended. However, be assured, all our sites are completed in a maximum of a few days.

The masking of surfaces is the most important part of our exterior painting work. Our painters are adequately trained and use the right tools to protect the surfaces. Before applying the paint, the team leader always carefully checks each masking and makes corrections if needed. Furthermore, the paint sprayers we use are specifically designed for exterior work, which greatly reduces the risk of paint particles being diverted from the surfaces to be painted by wind.

As specialists in exterior painting and surface preparation, even if a surface shows signs of peeling, we are able to properly prepare it to get the best result possible. However, as an already painted exterior surface (other than in a factory) presents an increased risk of peeling in the future, we cannot offer as solid a guarantee as the 15-year warranty for only factory-painted materials.

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